An Innovative System for Subtitles - Subtitles As You Wish -

Zimaku Plus has launched the innovative system, called “Zimaku air”.

The traditional subtitles that are shown on LED boards or screen placed on either both sides of the stage or above the stage often distract audience members.

It forces them to move their head constantly during the performance, and, from the artistic viewpoint, interferes with the visual images on the stage and with the lighting designs.

Also, setting up the system requires additional cost and actual work by skilled staff, and even causes difficulty in viewing in some seating locations.


So, Zimaku air has settled all the concerns.
Zimaku air provides subtitles wirelessly to personal devices such as smart phones, tablets, and smart-glasses.
This means that the subtitles are available for people who need them, i.e. those who do not can concentrate on seeing the performance, without being interrupted by subtitles.

What is more, the system can provide subtitles in different languages simultaneously, so that each audience member can select one for his/her device.

Zimaku air does not require any major physical setup.

With Zimaku air, now the ideal service of the subtitles is possible. It provides subtitles only for those who need them in the language each one prefers.

smart-phone & tablet smart-glass next

We are experienced in providing and operating the traditional subtitles.

[Zimaku Board]

We own the longest LED subtitles boards,
which is known for the clear readability.

Zimaku Board
Zimaku Board

[Zimaku Screen]

This projection type is capable of showing
not only subtitles but also the images and movies.


Traditional subtitles can be used with Zimaku air.

For example, while the LED board shows subtitles in English,
Zimaku air can provide subtitles in other languages.
Also, our system has been used to provide audience not only with the subtitles
but also with the notes and explanations of what they are seeing on stage.

Feel free to contact us for questions and inquiry.
We look forward to serving you with the best subtitles system for your production.


Zimaku Plus Inc., boasting the top market share in Japan,
is credited for the high quality service in all business related to subtitles.

The company’s service covers from translations (from/to Japanese or other languages)
and editing text, renting and setting up equipment including LED boards, to the actual operations at venues. In addition, our advanced system of adding subtitles on videos has been highly esteemed by wide range of clients.

We are a member of Japan 2.5-Dimensional Musical Association.
The association’s exclusive theatre in Tokyo has adopted Zimaku air, providing subtitles on smart-glass type device for international audience members.